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A group born from the desire of its creators to push the boundaries of what we think of as reggae music, 

a genre defying blend of rock, funk, jazz and drum n bass styles woven into a timeless tapestry that is difficult to pigeonhole. An international, high energy sound that reflects the diverse backgrounds of its members and their mastery of these different styles that is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Spiritually, the band members embrace a One World philosophy, world citizens United in their vision of addressing topical subjects which affect All People in the hope that through this we can all see the common ground, the ties that bind us all together no matter where we come from and regardless of color, culture and beliefs.

Tara, iHiva’s lead vocalist writes “We seek to explore and show the common ground that binds us all together in this life, to strive to personify values that build bridges out of the walls that separate us. The themes that we examine are universal and that is what we believe is the key to a better world for All of us.

What better medium than Music to present these themes and ideas to the world”

We invite You to join us on this musical journey. 

Oceans of Love shines through with every note.

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