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I’d like to share a little something or rather, share a big something with all of you.

That Family Atmosphere and the Love that we have for each other in this group, it’s not in any way contrived, molded, formulated or marketed. It’s a real and palpable extension of all the personalities and the natures of the group members. It can’t be bought nor sold, it can’t be pressured into being, it simply is.

This world can be a cynical and sometimes perplexing place so upon reading the above words you could be forgiven for thinking that I am ‘romanticizing‘ this statement or pushing it to make for a more interesting blog.

Well, I can say, hand on heart, that is not the case. Can I share with you how I know this to be true?

Two words, Global Pandemic.

Permit me to explain.

We formed the band in late December/ early January of 2020, Phil coming on board towards the end of January and Sos came on board around the middle of February, in fact we had just three rehearsals as a full band before things went the way of the lockdown in Australia and indeed, the world. By this stage we had begun some tracking at Jordan’s studio for what we had decided as a group to be our debut single and a few subsequent follow ups. Strike while the iron is hot as the saying goes.

I and I’m sure many of you saw a lot of groups both established and new fold from this unprecedented event, yet another sad by-product of this pandemic.

How did we get through this time?

Quite simply put, Love.

Love we have for each other, Love for the music and the atmosphere that we all create together and Love for the vision of what we are creating to share with you.

We weren’t physically together as a group for 5 months but we were in constant contact with each other. We met in smaller groups when the law allowed. Tara and Jordan gathered recording equipment and worked out ways for us all to work remotely to keep the creative flow happening . Not once did anyone one of the band members lose their passion to hold this group together or doubt the worth of what we hope to achieve. Love was and is the guide that allows us to do what we do.

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