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Updated: Jan 1

As with all things involving change, our ability to adapt is the really fundamental element of the equation.

Finding a suitable drum stick wielder would be no easy task, realizing this very fact, yours truly set about scouring the countryside, err, via computer.

Trying to describe the group stylistically is one thing, attracting the right person is entirely another and I really thought this was going to be one epic task.

After quite a sizeable amount of interest to my enquiries (we were very humbled to have so many talented people look our way) I received a text message at work.

The sentences were short but purposeful, the intent, guarded but hopeful. Intriguing, something about this one, I had to know more. Enough with the dramatic license, get on with the story Paul..

I arranged to give Liam a call that very afternoon. He had checked out our music and liked what we heard, an experienced and articulate drumming style, check.

Then Liam told me that his boss had seen our Ad for a drummer and urged him to give it a shot. This part is important as it made me realize what Tara, our vocalist has said to me many time before, the right ones find us based on what we present to them. I spoke to Liam of who we were, of the family vibe of the band, of how we all consult, collaborate and value each others' contribution, these things all resonate with true hearts and so it was with Liam.

We then arranged for Liam to come and join us to play some songs and see what he thought and vice versa. He also understood why we were looking for a drummer, everything out in the open.

Speaking of out in the open, Liam works outdoors, the first rehearsal we had with him, he was severely heat-stroked and was recovering from the effects of a paralysis tick. Needless to say, he pushed through these obstacles with power, grace and composure, more than most of us could muster in similar circumstances. We welcomed Liam to iHiva the very next day.

Liam brings a youthful touch to iHiva, bringing a power and precision that is very much his own, just like all the band members bring to their stations.

We love you Liam and a very warm and heartfelt welcome to our family.

It is worth nothing that throughout the process of filling the drum position, Jordan was there every step of the way, offering equipment, insight and his experience to the proceedings, the torch is passed, never extinguished.

And with that theme in mind, very shortly you will see what I was alluding to when in the previous installment I spoke of new beginnings.

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