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Travelling merrily along our path, making music and forging bonds, sometimes we can forget about the one true constant in life, change. They say change is inevitable, it happens whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it or not, it can and does go forward with or without us, and so it was with the latest form of change we encountered so far in iHiva.

Jordan, Tara and I conceived the idea for this group towards the end of 2019. We had all closely worked together in a previous group for quite some time before this, in fact it was Jordan who coaxed Tara into joining said previous band.

We have all been by each others side constantly, sharing a vision and working collaboratively to get our band up and running, watching iHiva take shape, finding the right people, creating the musical family vibe that has always been our reason for being. Along comes change, BIG CHANGE.

Jordan gathered us all up after rehearsals and explained to us all that he had made the decision to concentrate on getting his family up and running, it was a difficult but necessary decision and one that although everyone in iHiva lovingly accepted and understood, it was filled with heavy hearts and emotions from all.

It is no easy task to broach such a subject even with those we love and respect, we had all been on this path together, the highs and lows we encountered both in the group and in our personal lives, we had always faced them as a family unit in a loving a supportive manner.

To everyone in the bands credit, when told the news by Jordan, not one person offered anything but understanding, support and love. Love and support, there, I've said it again, no typos, just truth.

I have so much love and respect for anyone in life that has had to make such a choice, we could all see and feel how heavily it weighed on Jordan.

The Truth is, Jordan worked so hard, so tirelessly, so passionately to get iHiva to where we needed it to go, he and his wife Rhysha opening their home to us to record and rehearse our music, the long nights mixing and helping to arrange songs, the incredible drumming. I will stop here as I know he will read this.

Jordan, you are loved beyond measure by everyone in our little iHiva family, we thank you always for all that you contribute.

So my friends, change is indeed inevitable but if you think this part of the blog is an ending, then you will see that some endings aren't really endings, they are beginnings in disguise.

To be continued :)

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