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A tumultuous last part of the year that was 2023.

There are numerous anecdotes and clever sayings designed to make us all feel a little better about our struggles and triumphs in this world. I wont mention any of them here. They are unnecessary to this chapter of the blog.

I wrote previously of the changes that occurred within the group and now I get to reveal what I meant.

With Jordan taking some much needed time to concentrate on his family and Liam becoming our new drummer, I can speak of some exciting news.

A time back, we recorded a song of ours entitled 'The Message', a song that really resonated with all of us but none more so than Jordan. So much so in fact that when he recorded the track for the band, he added in an amazing vocal take to compliment what Tara had laid down previously. It adds a level of depth to what was already a heartfelt and plaintive cry for unity amongst the world population.

How does this tie in with what I was mentioning in previous words? I am glad you asked.

You see, Jordan is on hiatus, he hasn't left us, he needs time to concentrate his efforts on his family. When he is ready, he will return, this time sharing vocal duties and keys to compliment what Sos and Tara do, helping us to recreate the runs you hear on our recordings. Liam will be on the drums so as you can see, the torch passes on, it is not extinguished.

Everyone in iHiva is here for a reason, everyone arrives at the right point in time in the right spot, uncontrived, organically, we all just arrive at a point in time naturally. I hope you can see the rhyme... More importantly, we cant wait to release 'The Message' into the world at large.

It is a song that attempts to speak directly to the human spirit. I hope the vocal lines speak to you in the same way they did to me when I first hear them.

Thank you Jordan, UMOJA

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