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iHiva - Musketeer 6

YES, Musketeer number 6

Greetings my friends, I and All of us in iHiva hope that you are enjoying and indeed gaining a little insight into how things come together in our humble little group.

As time has rolled inexorably forward in the band, so too have our musical endeavors. Songs written for the group have evolved with collaboration and time to the point where orchestration of our works has grown beyond what our hands can achieve, hint hint, without Sos or I having to grow another set of hands, yes, I know, we made a rod for our own backs but only to fulfill our musical vision. It became apparent that we needed to find another willing and able collaborator.

We labored for some time over what to do here, as I have previously disclosed in this very blog, we are a very tight and independent band and the family bonds we have built over the course of time means that on the whole, to add another ‘pair of hands’ to iHiva was something we take very seriously indeed.

Will this person get what we are trying to achieve, will this person be a fully fledged band member or a part time entity, will this person be the right fit on a personal level, on a spiritual level, will this person have the musical chops to keep up, will they collaborate, contribute and enhance our sound?

Very happily, I can say YES to all of the above.

It is a belief in iHiva that nothing happens by chance or by luck, that everything happens for a reason and happens at the time it is supposed to happen.

And so, "Enter, Stage Right" our newest band member Norm.

Come to think of it, "Enter the stage at the right time Norm", works just as well.

Norm is a talented, highly skilled, wise and motivated guitarist/ vocalist who, like all of our other band members, has had many years of experience in the music making realm. Phil, our bass playing, eagle eyed leader of the iHiva personnel department, from here on in referred to as the ‘finder of people', has known and shared many a stage with Norm in that time.

Norm is a true world citizen, working in many different scenarios with many people from different corners of the globe, box #1 ticked.

His innate sense of what a song needs and his ability to read a situation quickly helped him fit in from day dot, box #2 checked.

A true team player, his vocal ability and his sense of melody help him compliment Tara’s subtle yet powerful vocal delivery, yep, you got it, 3 for 3 Norm.

Welcome to the iHiva Family. On a lighter note, Sos, you and I can breathe a bit now.

To end this part of the blog, in case you were wondering, yes, we did all sit down with Norm when he first came to see us, like all previous times, we shared a meal, we consulted, we spoke openly and honestly about who we are, our vision and what Norm required from us. Some things never change in iHiva, welcome to our humble little family Norm. We love you. Ummm, we are going to need a bigger boat.

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