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When it came time to finding a keyboard player, for some reason, it’s always difficult to find keyboard players round our neck of the woods, we knew what we wanted though as with many things in life, the

people that we meet along the path, the best souls aren’t always as visible to us as we would like to believe. After trying out a few different people over the course of a few months we realized that we needed a specific kind of player to fill the role.

Reggae but not as we know it is a tagline in iHiva, we mix it up with many different styles of music, a fusion if you like and so it requires someone with multiple musical skill sets.

A tall order but that is who we needed to find.

I received a message from Sos earlier on our path and contacted him about trying out for the band. He was very enthusiastic though I must admit, I lost sight of him for a while. Fortunately for us,

Mr. Moemai ES Iosia is a very persistent man and he contacted me a short while later and introduced himself thus, "Hi Paul, not sure what happened, you were going to send me some files, I’m keen, let me know".

A lesson there for me and one that I think is very important, I got carried away with recording and playing and life and, well, you get the picture, no excuses, I dropped that ball and if it wasn’t for Sos’ persistence and good nature, we wouldn’t have met the One!

Sometimes you find the right people and sometimes, they find you.

We did our usual ‘break bread’ when we all first met Sos, this, an action we took for granted was unexpected for him and I’m happy to tell you, we All clicked immediately, we all followed our usual path of openness and honest talk and to everyone’s delight Sos responded in kind. A very wise, funny, and humble soul to complete our ranks and a gifted musician with amazing technique across multiple musical styles, I’m happy to say, with all due respect to Alexandre Dumas, we had our fifth musketeer. The stage was set……

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