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When it comes time to find people who are the right fit for a group, many factors come into play and all these factors play a crucial role in determining the right chemistry for a band.

Over time, all of us in the band have had the privilege of meeting and sharing a creative space and a stage with many amazing musicians. Each and every one of these people have brought a unique skill set, a unique identity and a unique personality to the mix.

Looking back at these meetings one thing has become abundantly clear and it rings true for almost all of the best collaborations in everyone’s lives. Finding people who seek to work as part of a team doesn’t always mean finding the most skilled souls in their field, it means finding the most personable souls. The ones who are willing to contribute their ideas and knowledge to the concept, the ones that listen to others ideas and respect and value the people that they are with, the ones who lift others simply by being themselves and are open about what they feel, great communicators, good hearts.

These qualities are not always found easily, personal chemistry is so very important to the success of any relationship when we think about it.

There can and will be missteps along the way. The most important part of this journey is to remember to not lose heart in the vision, to be patient and to be open minded and observant. As the saying goes, ‘patience is a virtue’ and in the case of our band we knew that we needed to find not just willing collaborators but people who we all regard as family. That’s right, on this path, the revelation that we were seeking to create a family type bond with all the people in this group was the catalyst for us to find the right people.

Sometimes the right people find us……

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