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In the beginning

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hi there, a warm welcome to iHivas Blog site.

There are many topics that we can and will attempt to cover over the course of time but for a start, we thought it would be of interest to put the band's journey into focus for our followers. The reasoning is two fold,

One: Journeys of any kind are interesting things, human beings are travellers by nature.

Two: We hope that in some small way we may just be able to help people out there to undertake their own musical journeys and understand how and what is involved in the process.


Some people may call this a ‘concept’ or a ‘vision’ and they are all valid descriptions of a starting point, every journey begins with an idea right?

The initial idea was simple enough and I’m certain that many artists in many different fields have experienced this.

All the band members over the course of their personal musical careers outside of iHiva have played covers, almost all musicians I have met have done this and some musicians are happy to do this, nothing wrong with it. But sometimes in some of us, there is a desire to create rather than re create, a need to communicate a thought or belief, an impulse to connect with people beyond the realms of someone else’s music and ideas.

iHiva was born from these very concepts. Initially there were three of us with this ‘idea’ . Tara , our vocalist , Jordan , our drummer and myself. We had the songs as all three of us are writers, we share similar visions within the musical realm and the chemistry was always there,

So how do you turn an idea into a tangible, living breathing entity?

The search for band members was underway….

A Bit of a Back Story.

It would be remiss of me to not give you a bit of background on our band members and how we all came to end up joined on our musical path.

My name is Paul. I play guitar in the band. I had played for many years firstly in some rock and funk bands then was bitten by the reggae bug a little while after this. I’ve written songs for all the groups I have played in though not all of them I have considered to be worthy of presenting to our audience……

Then there is Jordan, our very talented drummer, producer and song writer in his own right. We met when our previous band were looking for a singer, but Jordan is a drummer I hear you say? Indeed he is and he took a chance and contacted me out of the blue saying that if the band was ever looking for a drummer, he would like to try out. It just so happened that the Universe has a hand in that meeting as we were at the time looking to fill the drum spot in the band. Everything happens for a reason as the saying goes and so it came to be and we have I’m very pleased to say been on this journey together since then.

Tara our vocalist is the Third Musketeer in this scene. Only joining our previous group in its later stages after much shall we say persuasion from Jordan .

Tara brings a wealth of musical experience with her, a very keen sense of melody and harmony, much experience as a songwriter, lyricist and arranger and an inbuilt and very strong desire to promote the Universality of Humanity in the music.

The stage is now set for the next instalment of our story.

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