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The Shape Of Things To Come

Another really important part of this journey for us and for that matter, any group is creative freedom.

I’m not really talking about a collective mindset here but rather a concept which works for us, individual, creative freedom.

Musicians by their nature are generally what we could call ‘creatives’.

A blessing and sometimes a curse depending on how that creativity manifests itself. I’ll try to explain myself here….

Some people in this field have a singular vision for what they wish to convey to their audience, that in itself is fine as long as you can find willing participants in that respect, it works very well for some artists.

Others have a vision for what they wish to convey but instead look for collaborators to add their own creative style to the mix. This can work as well, it all depends on how willing we are as artists to share with other people. It involves complete trust in our band mates and a willingness to allow that personal vision to be interpreted and added to by others. This is how we work in iHiva and I think everyone in the group would attest that it can make for some beautiful sounds. Is it hard to let go of an idea and to trust others to add their own unique style and ideas to the mix?

To be honest and to be fair, I have to say personally, it isn’t hard at all, I constantly hear and see the benefits of this way of doing things. Another benefit and possibly the most important one of all is that this way, everyone in the group knows that we stand equally with each other and respect each other’s styles and ideas.

I’ll also say that there are many rivers that lead to the sea so it will always be a case of keeping an open mind to all ways of exercising that creative process.

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